Tamper Proof Tape for Lab Vials


Tamper Proof Tape for Lab Vial Protection

Buy and use our Tamper Proof Tape to ensure that your wipe samples will not be interfered with prior to the lab technician receiving your samples. Each roll contains 200 x Tamper Proof Labels.

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Tamper Proof Tape – ( 200 labels )

It is best practice to send your vials to the lab for analysis in a state that requires them to be tamper proof. With this specialized tape it is impossible to open the vial without the tape to be broken, it is also impossible to remove the tape in one piece.

The words tamper proof appear on each label. Once the vial has been sealed with the Tamper Proof Tape opening the vial will cause the tape to break. The broken tape is an obvious and definitive sign that the vial has been tampered with.

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