Meth Residue Test Kit – 25 refill Kit


25 Pk of Home Meth testing Kits designed to check for Meth residue on surfaces from cooking or smoking ICE. Check if your property or possible purchase has been contaminated as a result of Meth use or manufacture.

A full 25 Meth testing kits ! Get this refill kit if you are taking Meth testing seriously. Hope you have the Inspectors Protective case to keep your kits safe.

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Australia’s calibrated and validated Meth Residue Test Kit – 25 refill kit

Meth Residue Test Kit Contents

  • 25 x 0.5μg/100cm2 or 20 x 0.02μg/100cm2  sensitivity Test  Cassette
  • 25 x Swabs
  • 25 x Buffer Solutions
  • 25 x 100cm2 Template

We have Australia’s only calibrated and validated rapid test. This 25 pack of rapid tests is designed for surface testing prior to purchase or during tenancy for Methamphetamine contamination.

The meth test kit – 25 refill kit is perfect for purchasing once you have already purchased the Meth Testing Kit protective insulated storage case. It is important to have the thermally insulated field case to keep the testing kits at a stable temperature. The 25 pack can bought as a standalone purchase.

Validated by Australia;s leading ELISA research and development center will give you confidence that our product works as intended.


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