Methamphetamine Voluntary Code of Practice 2019

The Methamphetamine Voluntary Code of Practice was released in November 2019.

What is a Voluntary Code of Practice?

Voluntary codes of practice are not legislated and are written to help industries improve voluntary compliance with the Australian Competition and Consumer Act 2010.  The ACCC encourages businesses to develop codes that will deliver effective compliance with the Act. Effective codes potentially deliver increased consumer protection and reduced regulatory burdens for business. Generally speaking, Voluntary Codes are also to support National Standards or National Guidelines and therefore are secondary supporting documents.  Where alternative advice causes the consumer financial loss then the remediator and or testing Company can open themselves up to law suits under the Consumer ACT 2010.

The Voluntary Code of Practice 2019 as released does not achieve some important aspects of the above and therefore is not accepted by some State and Territory Government Health Departments and other Government Agencies. MTK Group has aligned itself with the Australian National Guidelines and encourages and teaches in accordance with these Guidelines and relevant State and Territory Government advice found at the below links:

Australian Government “Clandestine Drug Laboratory Remediation Guidelines”

Department of Health WA “Guidelines for notification and risk management after detection of a clandestine drug laboratory (clan lab)” revised January 2020”

DoH “Interim guidance on management of low-level illicit drug house residues”

NSW Health 

NSW Remediation Guidelines for Clandestine Drug Laboratories and Hydroponic Drug Laboratories

Queensland health

South Australia Health


Guide for the Management of Clandestine Drug Laboratories – Aug2019


Methamphetamine Code of Practice

The methamphetamine Code of Practice is a “Voluntary Code” and should be communicated this way to the consumer to avoid confusion. Email us to get an understanding on where the Methamphetamine Voluntary Code of Practice reduces consumer protection and where  the guidance in this Voluntary Code should not be followed.

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