Drug Testing Kits for Methamphetamine

Drug Testing Kits for Methamphetamine Our Company...

Home Drug Testing Kits Australia

Home Drug Testing Kits Australia This week our Company was...

Addicted to ICE at the age of 17

ICE addiction can affect anyone. I just finished another...

Meth Decontamination Chemicals

Meth Decontamination Chemicals from Australia’s number 1 supplier of meth testing and decontamination training. Sugar Soap or Decon 130 on its own will work for low leves up to about 10 micrograms per 100 cm2. Above this level your job will be made easier using Decon 130 and Decon 750.

Home Drug Testing Kits – Australian Problem

Home Drug Testing Kits Australia Australia is one of the...

Top Australian Lab validates MTK groups Meth Rapid Tests

Looking for Australia’s only calibrated and Australian validated Rapid Test for methamphetamine? Like all products we supply they are reliable and of the highest quality.

Meth lab decontamination

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Discrete Lab testing kits

Discrete Lab testing kits If you have heard of Discrete or...

Drug Residue Test Kits – Pre Purchase Inspections


Testing Kits and Products


Decontamination Chemicals

Rapid Tests

Lab Tests


Meth Testing Training


Meth surface testing course in every Australian major city

Decontamination Training

Meth decontamination course in every Australian major city

Online Training Courses

Can’t make a city? do our online certified course

MTK Group

MTK Group is an Australian Company that manufactures and supplies Australia’s only Australian calibrated and Validated Rapid test Kit. Our MTK Lateral Flow Assay or ELISA ( Rapid Test ) for methamphetamine has been validated by Australia’s leading ELISA research and development center. We also deliver Australia’s number 1 Meth Testing Training course along with a Meth Decontamination training course in classroom format. After successful completion of our courses you will either be able to Decontaminate meth contaminated properties or inspect and test for Methamphetamine in residential and commercial properties.  You will also be eligible to apply for Professional Indemnity insurance and have access to Australia’s number 1 Meth Inspectors Field Kit.

Why Choose Us?

  • Our trainers hold Australian training qualifications.
  • Our training is comprehensive.
  • Once certified you will have the choice to work directly with any LAB you choose. With our Company you are truly independent with our support where there is no conflicts of interests.
  • After our training you will be eligible to apply for Professional Indemnity insurance which will also cover our products.
  • You will  go into our database as a certified tester or a certified Decontamination contractor.

You will have access to Australia’s number 1 Meth testing field kit and a reporting app customized to your Company.


Register as a Contractor for Testing or Decontamination

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Because our Company has over 300 certified technicians around Australia we are able to offer a trusted cost effective national service.

With the recent and ongoing issues in our industry we have been asked to provide a national testing service for national Companies. If you are requiring a reliable testing service by technicians that you can trust, then call us or enquire below.

Reasons why to use one of our contractors:

  • Trusted, Certified and Insured
  • Truly National Service
  • No Conflicts of Interest

Testing services our technicians provide:

  • Rapid Meth Testing
  • Rapid + Forensic LAB NIOSH 9111 combined service
  • Forensic LAB NIOSH 9111 service
  • Composite LAB service

Enquire Now

Australia’s Number ONE Meth Testing Field Kit

Our Meth testing field kit is the Number 1 field kit available – It includes our highly accurate RAPID test kits which will give you an instant positive or negative on Methamphetamine and our field kit also includes the contents to complete 5 NIOSH 9111 LAB tests.

Our RAPID testing kits are 98% accurate and are the best value solution in Australia, they are safe, easy to use and environmentally friendly.

Our Rapid Testing + LAB testing methodology is used by the Police and drug detection agencies. You can purchase them online by clicking buy now below.

Meth residue testing also known as meth surface testing is what our Meth Testing kits are used for.

Technically it is a “lateral flow assay” commonly referred to as a DIY meth testing kit, Indicative testing or presumptive testing. Do you need a property tested ? contact us and we can put you in touch with a certified Meth sampling inspector.

Why test properties for Methamphetamine.

If you are considering buying or renting a property you should be aware of possible meth contamination issues associated with a clandestine meth lab or excessive Methamphetamine use within a property. Meth contamination is largely associated with rental properties, so if you are looking at purchasing a rental property having it tested may be a good idea. Using our meth testing kits will not only identify a contaminated property it will also tell you the levels of contamination and whether the contamination was caused by smoking or manufacturing.

A meth contaminated property has the potential of making the occupants that live within that property sick, it can also be very costly to decontaminate a property, in extreme situations wall linings need to be stripped and replaced along with carpets and fixtures.Most times properties can be cleaned using sugar soap or other variations of sugar soap.  Book onto our Meth Decontamination course to find out more. If you are on our site because someone has told you that your property is highly contaminated and fixing it will cost you in excess of $5000, then get in contact with us and we can get you a second opinion. 

Our Meth testing kits will detect meth in a property and give the inspector an indication of the levels of contamination. Our meth testing kits are accurate to 97% and will give you a positive or negative result within minutes that can be relied upon..

Unfortunately Methamphetamine may be closer than you think, get your investment property regularly meth tested or your potential new investment property purchase tested prior to buying.

Buy the number 1 Methamphetamine testing kit in Australia. Thinking of adding a new revenue stream to your business? Book our training course today.

Meth Testing Training Courses – become certified.

Get trained and gain industry certification so that you can add another income stream to your existing business. Test for Meth in residential homes and commercial properties using our Rapid Testing technology + NIOSH 9111 wipe sampling methodology or you can use the LAB NIOSH 9111 / Discrete which is provided standard in our Starter Field Kit. Our Residential/Commercial Meth Test training course is delivered by experienced trainers for Property Managers, Inspectors and landlords interested in protecting their property from becoming a clandestine meth lab.

Our trainers and tutors are qualified trainers holding current Australian Training and Assessment qualification, all have worked for many years in the property management or residential and commercial Inspection industry in Australia.

We offer meth testing training courses in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Townsville, Toowoomba, Canberra, Perth, Wagga Wagga and the Gold Coast.

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