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Meth Testing Kit Australia

Meth Testing Kit Australia is an Australian Company that manufactures and supplies the Rapid Meth Testing Kit throughout Australia and the UK. We also deliver Meth testing certified training courses in classroom format and online. After successful completion of our course you will be able to inspect and test for Methamphetamine in residential and commercial properties using our reliable rapid test kits or using the NIOSH 9111 sampling methodology for LAB analysis. You will also be eligible to apply for Professional Indemnity insurance.

Why Choose Us?

  • Our trainers hold Australian training qualifications.
  • Once certified you will have the choice to work directly with the LAB for your test results.
  • With our Company you will not be asked to pre pay for any LAB testing kits, the lab test kits are free.
  • Be aware that Meth Screening Companies or Decon training companies that ask you to prepay for lab kits are making money on processing your tests. Lab test kits are free and LAB fees for processing is significantly less that $68.00 or $82.50
  • After our training you will be eligible to apply for Professional Indemnity insurance which will also cover our products.
  • You will  go into our database as a certified tester to receive methamphetamine testing work.

And you will have access to Australia’s number 1 Meth testing field kit and a reporting app customized to your Company.

Register as a Contractor for Testing or Decontamination

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Why test properties for Methamphetamine.

If you are considering buying or renting a property you should be aware of the meth contamination issues associated with a clandestine meth lab or excessive Methamphetamine use within a property. Using our meth testing kit will identify a contaminated property. A meth contaminated property can make children and adults that live within that property very sick, it can also be very costly to decontaminate a property sometimes all wall linings need to be stripped and replaced along with carpets and fixtures.

Include a Meth Inspection and meth testing as part of your Pre Purchase Building and Pest inspection. The Pre Purchase Inspection Company can organize this for you, visit www.theppicompany.com

Our Meth testing kits will detect meth in the property and give the inspector an indication of the levels of contamination. Our meth testing kits are accurate to 97% and will give you a near instant result for as little as $9 per test.

Methamphetamine is closer than you think, get your investment property regularly meth tested or your potential new investment property purchase tested prior to buying.

Buy the number 1 Methamphetamine testing kit in Australia. Thinking of adding a new revenue stream to your business? Book our training course today.

Australia’s Number ONE Meth Testing Field Kit

Our Meth testing field kit is the Number 1 kit available – It includes our highly accurate RAPID test kits which will give you an instant positive or negative on Methamphetamine and our field kit also includes the contents to complete 5 NIOSH 9111 LAB tests.

Our RAPID testing kits are 98% accurate and are the best value solution in Australia, they are safe, easy to use and environmentally friendly.

We have 3 RAPID test sensitivities available for purchase in Australia. You can purchase them online by clicking buy now below.

Meth residue testing also known as meth surface testing is what our Meth Testing kits are used for.

It is a DIY meth testing kit or you can contact us so we can put you in touch with a certified Meth sampling inspector.

Meth Testing Training Courses – become certified.

Get trained and gain industry certification so that you can add another income stream to your existing business. Test for Meth in residential homes using our Rapid Testing technology or you can use the LAB tests which we also provide. Our Residential Meth Test training course is delivered by experienced trainers for Property Managers, Inspectors and landlords interested in protecting their property from becoming a clandestine meth lab.

Our trainers and tutors are qualified trainers holding current Australian Training and Assessment qualification, all have worked for many years in the residential and commercial Inspection industry in Australia.

We offer meth testing training courses in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Townsville, Toowoomba, Canberra, Perth, Wagga Wagga and the Gold Coast.

International Business Partner Required

Our Company is currently seeking expressions of interest from interested parties in the United Kingdom, Europe, Czech Republic and the United States for product distribution. Exclusive Country rights available, please complete and submit the form and someone will be in touch with you shortly.

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