Discrete NIOSH 9111 Lab testing kit (100 BULK Pack)


This is a bulk pack for LAB testing and contains all the contents required to perform 100 discrete individual LAB tests based on the NIOSH 9111 testing methodology.  Using this kit will give you 100 individual lab test results per test for the property you are testing. The process is simple:

Step 1. Order NIOSH 9111 Lab Test kit.

Step 2. Perform NIOSH 9111 sampling method as per training.

Step 3. Fill in your Chain Of Custody form, secure with tamper proof label and Send to Lab, pay after you received your invoice ( Nothing is prepaid ).

Step 4. Results will be emailed within 2-5 days.

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Discrete NIOSH 9111 Lab Testing Kit (100 Pack)

This kit has all the contents to perform 100 individual Discrete wipe sampling tests for processing in a NATA certified laboratory. Our discrete NIOSH 9111 Lab testing kit is a  bulk pack and can be ordered at anytime as a standalone order and will normally be shipped next day.

Product Packaged Contents

  • 100 x Specialized E.O sterile vials for LAB testing for Methamphetamine
  • 100 x Isopropyl wipes used for Discrete or NIOSH 9111 sampling
  • 100 x (10cm x 10cm ) templates to comply with NIOSH 9111 sampling
  • 1 x Chain of Custody Form is available electronically and is also available in your online account.

The above Lab NIOSH 9111 testing kit is available to certified meth residue sampling technicians, If you hold certification from another Company then you are also able to purchase this product. There is no need to prepay, we put you in touch directly with the lab.

Certification can be from other training organisations with demonstration of a thorough understanding of the NIOSH 9111 wipe sampling method. Field Composite sampling is not a NIOSH 9111 sampling method and is not supported by us or most reputable NATA approved labs.

If you need to become certified book onto one of our courses.


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