EO Sterile Tubes

What is EO Sterilization ?

High temperature sterilization methods is the most common heat sterilization method for loads not sensitive to heat along with other similar methods such as steam sterilization. E.O Sterilization also known as Ethylene Oxide sterilization is common for low temperature sterilization methods for heat sensitive and moisture sensitive loads, Our specialized EO sterlie tubes have been specifically designed for centrifugal testing within Australian labs.

The use of steam is considered the most cost effective and is a simple method, but steam is not applicable to all materials and instruments.  Advancement in medical procedures has resulted in the increased usage of delicate instruments which cannot be steam sterilized. This is because they cannot withstand the higher temperatures or moisture of steam. Heat and moisture sensitive equipment require alternative methods of sterilization.

Advantages of EO Sterilization is:

  • Low temperature
  • High efficiency – destroys microorganisms including resistant spores
  • Large sterilizing volume/ chamber capacity
  • Non corrosive to: plastic, metal and rubber materials

Our EO sterile tubes are manufactured to the highest standard within ISO9001 manufacturing facilities.

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