Meth Testing kit Brisbane

Brisbane city is home to more than 2million people and is also Australia’s third largest city behind Melbourne. On October 1823 a surveryor by the name of John Oxley explored the Brisbane area to create a convict settlement. Many areas in Brisbane has been named after John Oxley. Meth Testing Kit Brisbane has a local office to service the Queensland state.

Meth Testing Kit Brisbane is part is your local contact and is dedicated to servicing our distributors, meth testing and sampling technicians, Meth decontamination specialists.

Our Meth testing kits are designed to test for meth surface residue in properties, vehicles and boats can be purchased online. Book one of our Meth testing Training Courses or catch up face to face with a Brisbane staff member.

Book a Meth Testing Course or a Meth Decontamination Course or our Meth Testing Webinar if you are in a location that outside of the cities we service. Purchase your Meth Testing Kit online

Meth Residue Testing Kit Brisbane , DIY Meth Testing Kits Brisbane, Surface Drug Testing Kits Brisbane

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