Australia’s only validated Meth Rapid Tests

We are proud to announce that our meth rapid tests also known as an  ELISA or Lateral Flow Assay for methamphetamine surface testing has been validated in Australia by one of Australia’s top laboratories.

MTK Group manufactures and supplies the only Australian validated rapid test kit for meth surface testing. During the validation process we also had two competing rapid tests go through the testing process and they failed in key areas.  If you are looking for a product that has been validated in Australia then there is only one ELISA or rapid test to use and it is available on this site. Meth Rapid Tests as supplied by our Company are available in 10, 25 and 100 packs.

How to Rapid Test using our Drug Testing Kits for Meth.

Rapid testing is used in conjunction with Lab NIOSH 9111 wipe sampling,  Videos are available on our products page detailing how both methods are done.  If you would like to go through formal training in order to become a certified technician then book on one of our courses.

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