Why is it necessary to decontaminate a Meth Lab?

Understanding how meth is cooked will give you an understanding of the dangers associated with clandestine meth labs. There are typically three main methods of cooking meth, each method uses different ingredients. The 3 main common methods are listed below. Meth lab decontamination is necessary once a meth lab has been found.

[table id=1 /]

If you didn’t notice most of the chemicals mentioned in the above table are easily purchased over the counter at hardware stores, chemists and even grocery stores. It is for this reason that Meth Labs are popping up all over Australia, getting high is cheaper on meth. The problem with this is the waste products that producing meth leaves, for every 1kilo of ice created there is 7 times that amount in waste.

Chemical hazards from meth precursors

The below table shows some potential hazards from each of the chemicals that are used for the production of ice.

[table id=2 /]

Each of the above chemicals are hazardous in their own right but when they are in an enclosed area in nondescript containers a potential deadly scenario can unfold. Meth cooks do not adhere to the policy’s of safe work practices or follow OH&S regulations.

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