Meth Lab Cleanup Brisbane – Meth Decontamination

Well  a nightmare begins you have just bought a house and it turns out to be an old meth lab, it was never picked up at your pre purchase building inspection because the house was never tested. Meth Lab Cleanup Brisbane will help decontaminate your home.

The symptoms come , you have constant headaches, trouble sleeping your kids have trouble sleeping and you wonder why your family members are constantly in bad moods. These are some of the symptoms that you may be living in what was once a Meth lab or a property that has been heavily smoked in.

Your idyllic home and lifestyle has been shattered, all you had to do in order to prevent such a nightmare was get the house screened for Methamphetamine prior to purchasing, too late now.

Call us and we can advise you on what to do in order to decontaminate your property.

Meth Lab Cleanup Brisbane – use our DIY meth testing kits to check for meth after Meth decontamination Brisbane.

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