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This week our Company was alerted to more clandestine meth labs, One located on the Gold Coast and the other just south of the Sunshine Coast. The Sunshine Coast property has been stripped out completely of its contents including the wall linings and ceiling sheets. Further testing found that the ceiling timber framing had contamination levels over 14micrograms/100cm2. The remediation company that is being used is working on a plan that will hopefully work without having to replace the timber trusses.

As timber is a porous material it will be a difficult process to remediate, the owners were lucky  that our home drug testing kits picked up these high levels. We are in the process of determining the type of timber and the whether it is treated or not. There are many types of timbers used for residential structural framing along with different hardness and treatment types.  The timber variables will have an affect on the severity of contamination, we will  see how this job pans out by the end of the month.

The Gold Coast scenario is a little straight more straight forward, the garage blew up and measured through the roof for precursors for Methamphetamine.

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