Drug Testing Kits for Methamphetamine

Our Company manufactures and supplies methamphetamine rapid testing for property testing.  In properties such as rental properties the residents may be using or manufacturing drugs such as Methamphetamine or other illicit drugs.  We manufacture and sell from this website testing kits that will test for drug surface residue. Click HERE to purchase.

We have partnered with a USA manufacturing facility to manufacture our meth rapid test kits.  They have been validated in the USA and recently been tested and validated in Australia for Australia to go positive at 0.5micrograms of methamphetamine.

Meth residue can be a problem for houses where the occupants are susceptible to contaminants, so testing these properties can help prevent you or your tenants from falling sick due to contamination to walls, carpets and other surfaces.  Our training will equip you with the knowledge on how to use our products, how to test properties according to the guidelines and also how to report on meth contamination issues to landlords, property managers and buyer of properties.  Book on to one of our COURSES

If you suspect contamination to your property then purchase a drug testing kit from our site, they come with full instructions on how to use them or you can watch the below video.  If you have been taken for a ride by fraudulent meth screening Companies then call us as we would like to hear your story and give you advise and put you in touch with other Companies that will give you a reliable and dependable second opinion..If you need advise on how to remediate a property from meth contamination then also call us so we can advise you on the best methods that could save your thousands and sometimes tens of thousands of dollars.  We rare here to help you.

How to Rapid Test using our Drug Testing Kits for Meth.


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