Portable Air Compressed Foamer MTK Group



This portable air compressed foamer is the most portable air compressed foamer on the market.  Operates at a maximum of 105psi and requires 8CFM of air from your air compressor.  There is no other portable air compressor foaming unit on the market that will rival this.

Decontamination Companies that have used the larger foamer prefer this foamer as it is highly portable, efficient with foam output and wastes no extra chemical that is left in the tank from the larger industrial foaming machines. The portable foaming unit is perfect for residential cleaning for properties with ceilings from 2.1 meters – 3 meters in height.


  • Highly portable.
  • Connects to a portable air compressor that can be moved by 1 person.
  • Adjustable foam from dry to wet foam.
  • designed specifically for decontamination chemicals.
  • Requires an air compressor to operate.

Book into our decontamination course and learn how to use our foamer with the chemicals.  Since our product is so portable we also are able to do a practical demonstration on how to use and apply the chemicals. Our meth decontamination chemicals Decon 750 & Decon 130 are mixed in the foamer onsite and then applied to walls and ceilings if required as foam.  The advantage of using the portable foamer is any chemicals that are applied as foam have a longer dwell time on vertical surfaces allowing the chemicals to loosen and lift the methamphetamine from the surface.

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