Decontamination Training Course – 17th March 2020



Decontamination Training Course (Webinar)

The Decontamination Training course offers the most comprehensive Decontamination Training course in Australia.  Our course is written  specifically for the Australian market and includes WH&S standards and practices in the WH&S regulations and codes of practice.

Once you have completed our course you will have a Statement of Attainment and you be able to confidently perform Decontamination for residential properties and provide professional reports to owners, landlords and property managers.

Decontamination Training Course (Webinar)


  • Introduction to Methamphetamine
  • The Clandestine Meth lab
  • WH&S & PPE
  • Standards and Regulations
  • Methamphetamine Property Inspection
  • Methamphetamine Rapid Instant Testing
  • NIOSH 9111 Wipe Sampling
  • Class practical Meth Rapid Test Session
  • Class Practical NIOSH 9111 wipe sampling Session
  • The Electronic Report and our inspection APP.
  • Chain Of Custody document explained
  • Lab results and what it means.
  • Decontamination and Cleaning techniques and Re-Testing.
  • Australian technical support.

On successful completion a certificate will  awarded with your own ID, we will go over the Meth Testing Starter Kit. During class we will go through the kit, instructions, manuals and also the reporting app.

Become a MTK Certified Meth Testing Technician – book your Meth Testing Training Course today.

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