Real Estate – Property Management FREE Meth Awareness Course.

Be able to identify dodgy Meth Testers and interconnected industry Companies

If you are a property manager this is a must do course if for no other reason than to be informed.

Being informed means that the investment properties that you manage will be protected from Meth

Screening companies and Decontamination Companies wanting to profit in a fraudulent manner.


  • Introduction to Methamphetamine
  • The Clandestine Meth lab  – what to look for.
  • Uncovering Meth Screening and Decontamination Fraud.
  • Australian Guidelines in relation to Meth Testing and Remediation
  • Malicious Damage in relation to Meth users.
  • Obligations under the Residential Tenancies and Rooming Accommodation Act 2008.
  • The Lateral Flow Meth Test and the Property Manager
  • The 3 types of LAB testing and why 2 of them should not be used.
  • What to expect from your Meth testing inspector.

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