Decon 750 Meth Decon Chemicals


5 Litre – Part A

Cutting edge Hydrogen Peroxide based product.

Suitable for Meth Decontamination, Mold Decontamination and Bio Hazard decontamination.


Decon 750 the decon chemical of choice

Our Decon 750 meth decon chemicals is a cutting edge meth decontamination chemical which comes in a 2 part solution.  Part A is called Decon 750 and can be shipped directly from our warehouse along with Part B  Decon 130 which is a specialized alkaline chemical.  Part A and Part B is designed to be mixed together onsite prior to decontamination.

This product has been used successfully in cleaning methamphetamine contamination to below 0.50.micrograms (µg) per 100cm² where the contamination has been as high as 300 micrograms (µg) per 100cm².  Decon 750 when mixed with Decon 130 is highly effective and when used properly leaves no secondary damage, no residue and leaves a little odor that dissipates naturally over a few days.

Manufactured and approved to be a non dangerous good and therefore can be shipped anywhere in Australia and New Zealand.  If you have not been trained to use this product then book onto one of science researched based methamphetamine decontamination courses.. Want to distribute the Decon 750 Meth Decon Chemicals?

The Decon 750 Meth Decon chemical has been designed to be used with our portable foamer or the DEMA foamer.Email or call us.

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