Advanced Methamphetamine Training Course Perth – 21st May 2021


Have you ever heard of or seen the Government Guidelines on how to remediate a house contaminated from methamphetamine use?  This course goes into depth into both Government guidelines and further.


Advanced Course in Methamphetamine Contamination Perth

If you have completed any course in Methamphetamine Sampling or Decontamination and you would like to know more about the science behind Methamphetamine and advanced sampling techniques then this course is for you.  During this course you will learn sampling techniques that will cover other routes of exposure. You will leave this course having a thorough understanding of the 2 Government Guidelines on remediation.  You will also have a comprehensive understanding on adopting and using encapsulation techniques in a hierarchical approach to remediation.

Advanced Methamphetamine Course Outline:

  • Methamphetamine HCL and Freebase
  • Routes of Exposure
  • NIOSH 9111 Sampling
  • Air Sampling for Methamphetamine
  • Carpet Sampling for Methamphetamine
  • Sampling for Acids & Bases associated with manufacture
  • An in-depth look at both Government remediation Guidelines.
  • Adopting the hierarchical approach to remediation
  • The science behind encapsulation methods
  • Practical application of encapsulation techniques
  • A look at the Government funded UQ research into third hand methamphetamine exposure

Advanced Course in Methamphetamine Contamination

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