Meth Testing kit Sydney

There is no doubt that every city in Australia is beautiful and unique in its own way, Sydney is no different, it is the largest city in Australia and one of the oldest. Sydney lies almost halfway between Melbourne and Brisbane and was discovered in 1770 with the first colony arriving in 1788. With the colony arrived opportunity, religion and a bunch of criminals shipped out from the motherland probably with their first load of drugs. Meth Testing Kit Sydney is part of the Sydney landscape.

Our staff is dedicated to servicing our distributors, meth testing and sampling technicians and Meth decontamination specialists.

Our Meth testing kits have been designed to test for meth surface residue in properties, vehicles and boats and can be purchased online. Book one of our Meth testing Training Courses or catch up face to face with a NSW staff member.

Book a Meth Testing Course or a Meth Decontamination Course or our Meth Testing Webinar if you are in a location that outside of the cities we service.

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