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As one of Australia’s most trusted Australian Meth industry trainers we sometimes get called to validate other Companies work. As a result our Company has personally been involved with the Company mentioned in these articles where results provided on properties have been completely wrong.

In one particular property our Company was asked to replicate Meth Screen’s samples to double check their results only to find where Meth Screen had reported levels of more than 20 times over the Australian Guidelines there was actually no methamphetamine contamination in the property at all.  Brad Presant an environmental scientist shares a similar story in one of the podcast articles below.

Hagar Cohen’s investigation has uncovered a pattern of what can be proven to be fraud and deception in order to scare monger and profit, the reports are there as proof. In the podcast there is mention of Kiwi Companies setting up shop here in Australia after ” very unscrupulous activity” that created a lot of damage in New Zealand, one of those companies is Meth Screen.  Meth Screen is closely aligned with another Kiwi Company that setup shop here, this Company is their training partner and they work in tandem supported by another Company that assists with the decontamination.

Activities reported in the pod cast and by reporter Hagar Cohen is alarming and shows a complete lack of integrity. Also read METH SCREENING COWBOYS. Exporting Fear and Panic from New Zealand in the form of Meth Screen

See the below article and also listen to the podcast, click download audio.

Click here for Meth Screen article

If you have a horror story, please email us by clicking, to read a related post click METH SCREENING fraud

Claims that Meth Screen are exaggerating risk

by By Hagar Cohen

'Scare the crap out of them' Inside the meth-testing industry profiting from families' fear

by By Hagar Cohen

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