MTK releases new Methamphetamine Rapid Test

MTK group has recently engaged a new manufacturing partner in the United States for the manufacture of its methamphetamine rapid test.  The new format and technical changes both to its cellulose strip and cassette has improved the MTK rapid test making it the most reliable rapid test available for property testing in Australia.

The new MTK rapid test product has been validated at 0.5µgram cut-off in the United States and Australia in one of the most respected Australian laboratory’s known for its ELISA research and development.

Rapid testing also known as an ELISA is a highly effective and reliable means of testing properties for methamphetamine. Rapid testing is a technology that has been available for over 30 years with the most famous rapid test being the pregnancy test.  Today because of its reliability it is also used as “point of care” diagnostics in hospitals and doctors clinics to screen for many diseases such as cancer and other medical issues such as UTI’s.

In Australia the NSW guidelines support rapid testing for pre-testing properties and is a standard practice in the United States.  Expensive lab testing is not required where properly calibrated and validated rapid tests return negative results.

MTK Group’s new USA manufactured and validated rapid test is now being distributed throughout Australia. Purchase online by clicking HERE.

Meth Rapid Test & Rapid Testing for Methamphetamine

MTK Group leads the way in Australia for training, product development and supply of methamphetamine rapid testing for more information, distribution or general inquiries email us on EMAIL

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