Meth decontamination chemicals

MTK through its partnership with a Chemical manufacturing and distribution Company is now able to supply specialized meth decontamination chemicals for meth decontamination.  The meth decon chemicals can also be used for mould removal and biohazard material decontamination. Our meth decontamination training course will teach you how to use this chemical and other chemicals for removing methamphetamine successfully.

Decon 750 and Decon 130 has been designed by chemists to be stable and effective in the removal of methamphetamine.  Our qualified meth decontamination technicians have shared success stories where contamination as high as 100µgrams per 100cm² sampled area has been successfully remediated.  Meth contamination of up to 2µgrams per 100cm² can successfully be decontaminated using sugar soap relatively easily, our meth decontamination course will take you through this process too.  However it gets more difficult as the contamination counts get higher – our specialized chemical makes it very easy and we have had success stories of meth contamination of 100µgrams  being successfully removed with no damage left to walls.

Cleaning Chemicals for methamphetamine

Decon 750 & Decon 130 is effective and we can guarantee it is the cheapest specialised 2 part offering in Australia.  However, for lower contamination ( <2µgrams) you can try sugar soap or tricleanium available at Bunnings throughout Australia, using these products also work for removal of methamphetamine but requires more elbow grease to remove the contamination from semi-porous surfaces.  Call us for free advice on the processes of decontamination using sugar soap, tricleanium or Decon 750 & Decon 130. If you are charging people for removing methamphetamine it would be best to complete our course and get Professional Indemnity insurance.

If you are a tenant, home owner or landlord that would like to try and clean the contamination yourself then call us and we can advise you on what to do. We understand that not all landlords or property owners can afford the costly remediation costs that some Companies may charge.  Most remediation for a 4bed 2bath single story property should be between $5000 – $10,000, if you are receiving quotes above this value then get in contact and we can put you in touch with Companies that are reputable and will do the remediation at a cost that can be justified.  We have a network of remediation Companies and professionals throughout Australia that can do the work for you.

Our meth decontamination chemicals is available in Sydney Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Melbourne and Tasmania.

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