Meth Testing Course in Brisbane

Our Meth testing course is based on the Federal Government Guidelines with reference to your local state government guidelines, written and vetted specifically for the Australian market.  You will learn about every available testing technique in Australia, why some should be done and other avoided. 

Our trainers are Australian qualified trainers and industry experienced.  After you have completed your training with our Company you will receive an industry recognized certificate and also have access to Australia’s only Australian validated Methamphetamine rapid tests and Australia’s unique stater kit to get you going. 

This is a hands on course so you will be performing rapid testing and NIOSH 9111 wipe sampling in class.

Why Choose us?


  • We teach in accordance to Government Guidelines.
  • Qualified trainers.
  • The MTK training course is the most comprehensive course in Australia.
  • The MTK training course is science researched based.
  • You will have 24/7 support in Australia.

If you have any questions call us by 1300 790 001 or email us at or book your Meth Testing Course Brisbane today.

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